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Don’t drop the ball

Activate Church Hamilton


What causes people to drop the ball on their destiny?

Blood is thicker than water

Activate Church Hamilton


Phil speaks on the concept of Family and reveals the original meaning behind the saying “blood is thicker than water.”

Blood is thicker


Activate Church Hamilton


What is the Antitheses of the Goodness of God?

Phil shares the third message in his 2015 Focus of “The Goodness of God”.


Love That Gives

Frontline Christian Church, Kerirkeri

How do you get a revelation of love?

What does love look like if it compels us to give everything?

How should we respond to this love?

From the Shadows

c3 Church, North City, Hamilton. 29 March 2015


What can the stories of Hagar, Jonathan and Esther teach us? Phil shares some key principles for living from the shadows.

The Goodness of God

Activate Church Hamilton


Phil starts his series which will be his focus for 2015 – The Goodness Of God.

Facing the Giant Called Poverty

When you face a giant it’s not hard to feel small… all I carry is a stone, a sling and a belief that the One who guides the stone is bigger than the one who throws it.

The Fellowship of the Ring

As Christians we are called to do life together in Fellowship in the same way the early church demonstrated.  But Fellowship is much more than simply doing life together, as we learn by looking at the Greek word ‘Koinonia’.

Host the Ghost

In this message Phil shares three modes of worship he’s observed;

1.  Slave – you give away control of your worship experience to others around you.

2.  Selfish – you hold on to control yourself, basing your worship on how you feel.

3.  Host the Ghost.  God-centred worship.

Listen as Phil shares four keys to push past level 1 and 2 and reach for level 3.

Pursuing Your Promise

Vision Church Raglan West, 16 November 2014.


Do you have dreams, goals or ambitions that are not yet fulfilled?

Do you have promises over your life that seem far away or impossible?

Phil shares a message to encourage you to run the race well and pursue your promise.

How do we stay connected to the promise?