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Kingdom Family


In this teaching session, Phil speaks on the principles of FAMILY as part of the Kingdom of God.

(Eastside Church, Sunday 16th March 2014)



From the story of Ruth we see three key principles for Family:

1.  Commitment

2.  Service

3.  Honour


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Embrace the Mystery

In this teaching session, Phil speaks on the subject of living by faith, not sight.

(Eastside Church, Sunday 17th November 2013)



We have to confess our faith, not based on what we see but on the hope that resonates inside us.

Don’t let a delay rob you of the blessing God has promised you.  You will allow yourself to be robbed if your words contradict the promises of God.

Stay in agreement with what God says.


Brilliant Public Speaking Seminar

Re:  Powerful Public Speaking Masterclass Thank you Phil for a brilliant public speaking seminar! I would highly recommend this to any one keen to improve their public speaking ability…irrespective of your experience. There is something in this course for all! Rainier Bron Family Ministries Pastor Eastside Church

Time to shine

Powerful public speakers right there! “It was safe environment and we were allowed to be comfortable so Tyra wasn’t the only one taking advantage of that with bare feet!” “haha I saw a couple of people without shoes… I was just the only one who got snapped with them off… haha” “Awesome night, Awesome info [...]


A safe and encouraging environment

Re:  Powerful Public Speaking Masterclass So many practical and relevant tools and tips packed into 10 hours! Thank you for delivering this to us in a safe and encouraging environment Phil. As others have said, it comes *highly* recommended.   Pete Clouston Technology Consultant Bringing Clarity

Engaging Learning Experience

Re:  Powerful Public Speaking Masterclass Thanks Phil!  This workshop would have to be the most fun, engaging and practical learning experience I have ever had. I’ve learnt so much and grown in confidence through this. Anyone considering doing this workshop next time around… do it without hesitation, you will not regret it, I promise! Nathan Carter [...]


I’m pleased to share that my good friend, Stephen De Silva, will be in New Zealand in February 2014 to deliver his Prosperous Soul seminar in two locations.

Here’s a brief teaser on these events:


When it comes to money, why does it seem as if we’re always one step behind?

The answer, says Stephen, is not just about how you handle your bank account.
It’s also spiritual.

Stephen combines practical financial teaching with sound biblical truth.  As you uncover the root spiritual issues behind money problems you will see how financial and spiritual success start with a soul centred on God.

Success with our money is part of God’s plan for every believer, and it is our assignment today to prepare our hearts and character for good works in Christ.  Stephen’s prayer for you is that through this program you would prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2).


The dates are:

Auckland – 14 and 15 February 2014.  Location:  Harbourside Church, Takapuna.

Hamilton – 21 and 22 February 2014.  Location:  Eastside Church, Hamilton


Please visit http://wisemoney.co.nz/events/ to read more and register online.

Video link:  http://youtu.be/WB5FRnKKs2E

Toil vs Rest

Here’s a wee teaser from Phil’s notes:

Jesus talks the talk when it comes to the Kingdom of God, and he also walks the walk.


In every miracle situation the people did what they could and failed to succeed.

But when Jesus arrives.



Here’s a challenge for all of us:  we come to church and we hear the Preacher talk about God and His amazing Truth.  We hear about the Kingdom of God but do we live it?


The disciples had Jesus with them on the boat but they only turned to him as a last resort – they cried “we are going to die!”


What position do we naturally take when we face a storm?

  • do we try and deal with it in our own strength?
  • or do we turn to Jesus and his answer?


Here’s a quote I read this week:

“Safety lies not in our distance from danger, but in our nearness to God.”

And that’s from a soldier who was fighting the war in the Persian Gulf!


Friends, that’s the difference between Toil and Rest.