Fresh perspective is often the best thing to introduce into your organization if you want high impact, long lasting transformation.  To bring about this type of business growth its wise to engage someone who doesn’t see the things you see every day, who can look from the outside in with no bias or prejudice and who especially loves to bring new ideas.


If you check out Phil’s Linked In profile you’ll see one of his highest endorsements is in the area of Change Management.  He has a track record of helping business leaders design change to capitalize on strengths, overcome limitations and capture market opportunities.  Critical to this is Phil’s ability to then lead others into the new dynamic environment required to see profitable, sustainable results.  Phil believes people are the heart of every business and is very careful to ensure that the change process caters for the needs of people – their different personality types, strengths and weaknesses.


Phil believes that success comes by design and will work with you to implement systems into your business so that success can be achieved and repeated by everyone in the organization.