Phil calls himself a social entrepreneur. He and his wife Kathy start businesses with a view to growing others. The list of his business ventures, past and present, include owning a building company, a national real estate company, an on-line shop for families, a financial services company, and millions of dollars of property. All these businesses were formed with a purpose of growing the people inside them, to see them released into their own futures.


An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see obstacles.  Phil can see what others can’t, it’s a gift he carries.  Partnered with that gift is his willingness and determination to step into the opportunity and create a business that serves a purpose.  This often requires breaking into new frontiers and going where others fear to tread.


If you’re an entrepreneur you know what this journey is like.  Most likely you’ve had start-up experiences that have gone well – and some that haven’t.  You will know personally how lonely the journey can be and how challenging it can be to engage others in your vision.  You know the struggle of balancing the business plan and the finance, and you know the pain of  cash-flow when it’s all going the wrong way.


If you need someone to help you in this journey, Phil’s your guy.