phil-strong-authorWhen you read some of Phil’s work it’s like he’s sitting in your lounge room reading to you, he writes as he talks – you can just imagine him lying on the couch with a cup of coffee reading his book to you.  More than that, often you feel like he’s in your head as he accurately pinpoints your situation and describes a way through your challenge.  You’ll be inspired, you’ll be challenged, you’ll be educated, you’ll be provoked and you’ll be activated!  Writing on the subject of money, property, business, family, faith and personal success, Phil relates his personal successes and failures in a way that empowers others.


A successful published author, Phil loves to share insights that are based on real life situations and teach principles that are easy to apply.  His stories will make you laugh (or cringe) as you share his journey.  He’s honest and straight forward, that’s for sure!


Phil has written for online magazines, blogs, newspapers, columns and co-authored with other writers.  He has been a regular guest on TV shows, radio talk-back, webinars and is often asked to speak at business mentoring meetings.


You can read some of Phil’s work at the blog, or get one of his books online.